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Here you can read what our patients have to say:


  • I go to the Hamilton Harbour Clinic with Dr Uwe....I have Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis, have had 4 sessions of SWT and honestly it's the best thing I could have ever done. Been battling this problem for 18 mths, with another Physio....... I go see Dr Uwe and in 4 weeks I can actually walk in comfort on my foot again. Also have to admit Uwe gives the best Calf and Hamstring massages something I look forward to each week. Thank you to the whole Team including Jackie the Receptionist. (EM Frawley)

  • I had two large Plantar Fasciitis on the soles of my feet (about the size of golf balls). After a dozen sessions with Shock Wave Therapy the lumps were reduced to pea size and the pain was decreased enormously. Thank you BT. It works. (Oleg)


  • Thanks for the shockwave therapy Uwe! Heal up stress fracture! Thanks for having the latest and greatest so close! (Laura Reback Bennett, Olympic Triathlete USA) 


  • I just completed the 8 sessions on my heel spurs on both feet. The difference is amazing. I can get to the end of my 7 days of work with out feeling like a cripple by the end of the week. I recommend it 100%. And I use to drive 2 hrs to go to each appointment. (Trudy Freeman)


  • I have had this for my heel spur, I was like Trudy Freeman where after 7 days work I could barely walk. I had my treatments and feel so much better as I am not struggling by the end of my working week anymore.... Thank you to the team at Mudjimba. (Yvonne Shelly)


  • I have been a client for several years. A 'new' pain presented several month ago, causing troble in the right knee area, whilst at rest during night hours - thought to be Bursitis. Shockwave Therapy was applied to help with the pain. I am very pleased to report that after a few twice-weekly sessions the knee and leg pain is greatly diminished - most nights not even present at all. The Shockwave was applied to hip and lumbar area and benefited other areas of pain as well. (Judith)


  • Best treatment ever, highly recommend anyone that has a spur to have this done....I had this treatment about 3 years ago and haven't had any problems since. (Kym)


  • This is what I had done in Jan/February and also dealt with my hip and lower back. I am walking pain free today they are fantastic... I had 8 or 9 treatments and I would go in a heartbeat if I had plantar fasciitis at its onset! Don't waste money on other treatments like I did. (Kristen)


  • I have heel spur treated with shock wave therapy. worked and I am still free of pain and enjoying walks on the beach again ! (Janine)


  • I have had a long standing, very painful, and extremely debilitating Achilles tendinitis problem, to the extent that I had to stop all Gym work, walking and going to beach due to severe pain. This started in one foot, suffered for two years, then due to strain, ended up tearing other side. I was doing normal physio, massage, acupuncture, used a guard I specifically purchased from overseas, went to specialist foot doctor, who at a ridiculous price fitted me with shoe inserts that are not practical for a female to wear in our climate. I was one of Dr Uwe's initial guinea pig patients with this therapy..... I had INSTANT relief !!! I have continued to use this treatment and it has made a HUGE difference... it is not expensive when you compare it to the results and other products out there.... IT WORKS !!! Try it, you wont regret it and you would not find a better practice than BT Physio, they work with you and your problem and find a solution that suits you and your budget... All their staff I have had contact with are so accommodating and just lovely people to deal with... AND Dr Uwe is Amazing !!!! (Cornelia Barry)



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