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REAL Shockwave Therapy
since 2013

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What is "Real (focused) Shockwave Therapy"?

Most clinics promoting "Shockwave" therapies in reality use Radial Pressure Waves. Although it’s an effective modality (we use it too but for specific applications only), it’s not a shockwave at all, and is most effective for superficial treatments.


Real Shockwaves (also known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy or ESWT) reach much deeper than Radial Pressure Waves and can be more effective for pain treatment through regenerative healing.



Our physiotherapist's mission is to have you move and feel better – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Using evidence based treatments, the latest technology and providing the best individualised treatment solution. This will include a comprehensive approach, taking into account all underlying factors.

Meet Dr. Uwe Schwiersch DPT

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